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Sporthaus Huebner: Steffen Schneider sees through sale of Sporthaus Hübner after self-administration

In the course of nationwide contact restrictions that were imposed for several weeks, and the nationwide closure of branches in spring 2020, the turnover of the Dielmann Group, including Sporthaus Robert Hübner GmbH from Darmstadt, completely collapsed. The measures implemented by management as a direct result only had a short-term effect. As an application for a loan to cover the necessary bridging financing was unexpectedly rejected, the group of companies started a protective shield process in June 2000 for the two aforementioned companies.

The two reorganizers – the restructuring experts Steffen Schneider (BBL) and Dr Kristian Schneider (nexpert) – took over management of Sporthaus Robert Hübner GmbH after it got into trouble as a result of the Corona pandemic. Under their leadership, seven of its eight branches were successfully sold. They had been placed under self-administration since the beginning of June 2020, in close coordination with the creditors’ committee.

The seven premises were transferred to the new owners on January 1, 2021. The transaction included the sale of inventory and branch equipment and taking on the company’s 127 employees. It was agreed not to disclose the economic framework of the transactions.