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Virtually no other industry is under such considerable cost pressure as the healthcare sector. Spending caps, rising costs, staff shortages – all this can spell trouble for medical practices, pharmacies and businesses in the medical-pharmaceutical fields. But sound advice doesn’t have to break the bank – with our help, your business can get back to full health.

BBL has many years of experience in the healthcare field. Our lawyers are well-connected in the health sector and know just who to contact, at banks as well as wholesalers, prescription processing centres, etc. We have already been able to successfully restructure many businesses, including medical practices, pharmacies, hospitals, health centres, laboratories, processing centres, as well as welfare facilities such as children’s and youth services.

We provide you with consultation not only when there is risk of insolvency, to help your business back onto its feet through restructuring solutions, but also where insolvency has occurred. We act as a stabilising partner, to file applications, communicate with the entities involved and support the whole process as insolvency administrator or custodian. That’s how we transform crisis into opportunity.

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