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  • 2022

MeinDentist-Gruppe: Dr Florian Linkert arranges sale of MEINDENTIST to international investor

The insolvency administrator for the MEINDENTIST dental practice group, Dr Florian Linkert, arranged the sale of the group’s business operations to an international investor. The Medicover Group, a leading international provider of healthcare and diagnostic services headquartered in Sweden, was the purchaser. They took on all of the approximately 500 employees and also MEINDENTIST’s 16 premises (15 in Berlin, one in Potsdam). The agreement stated that the purchase price must not be revealed.

In the past few years, the MEINDENTIST Group had been pursuing a determined course of growth with the building and purchasing of new practice premises. However, this process did not go as planned; the Corona pandemic played a decisive role in delays to the expansion and the conversion of new practices, which meant later than planned openings.

Management, therefore, initiated a restructuring process via insolvency proceedings at the beginning of January 2022. Proceedings concerning the MEINDENTIST companies were opened on April 1, 2022 by the District Court of Charlottenburg. Dr Florian Linkert was appointed as insolvency administrator. All of the group’s dental practices continued to be profitable but an investor was needed to ensure the group’s continued existence. As a result, a structured investor process was set up to search for potential partners, both nationally and internationally. At the same time, a number of restructuring measures were implemented to bring the company’s internal structures up to date.