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Insolvency law is developing dynamically - from classic insolvency proceedings to self-administration to restructuring proceedings. Prevention and self-administration are becoming more and more important. We are well aware of this, so no matter what path our clients need to take, we will always be the right partner.



BBL, Reorganisation. When?

While restructuring of a company focuses on immediate measures to avert a crisis, reorganisation involves a holistic reorientation of the company when its continued existence is in real jeopardy.

Why reorganisation?

Adaptation of business processes (new software, merchandise management, SaaS, etc.), outsourcing of non-core business areas or departments (outsourcing) to avoid or reduce losses, breaking up the whole or parts of a company.

Restructuring & Insolvency


BBL, Restructuring & Insolvency. When is a company an insolvency case?

An insolvency case exists when the company is permanently in the red. Thus, by facing either liquidity problems or over-indebtedness actually facing insolvency.

Why restructuring in insolvency proceedings?

The concept underpinning the recovery of a company takes into account all measures during a crisis that will ensure that enough profit is again generated to secure the company’s existence and help avoid corporate insolvency.



BBL, Litigation. When is process control employed?

It is not always possible to avoid a contentious dispute. In this case, we have to assert the interests of our clients in front of state courts and in arbitration proceedings. BBL has a decades-long tradition of supporting complex business law processes.

What does litigation involve?

Conducting litigation and arbitration is one of BBL’s core competencies. Our activities range from advising on the necessary measures in the run-up to the process, through to the actual procedural enforcement, and on to eventual enforcement.