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Rising interest rates, high inflation, exploding building costs: a volatile cocktail. Many building developments are being put to the test and need to demonstrate that they are still worth the money. The entire property sector is facing challenges – and these are hard times: falling order volumes, defaulted payments, halted projects and first insolvencies show that it’s time for our property expertise. BBL is experienced in supporting businesses in crisis and out of a crisis. In all relevant areas.

Project managers in particular, together with general and management contractors, are facing huge challenges. Our task together is to monitor ongoing projects intensively and pursue active risk management, including liquidity planning that is accurate to the week while retaining a year-long perspective. It is also just as important to monitor project partners and, in particular, subcontractors and assess their financial reliability. 

Our lawyers are well-connected in the property sector and their clients include property developers, housing companies and construction businesses. We’re the experienced experts you’re looking for in the field of restructuring and rehabilitation and, accordingly, deliver a wealth of business expertise. Our consultation for when insolvency threatens can help reorientate business models, ensuring there is a plan B should the risk to a company’s existence become too great. Besides efforts to achieve out-of-court restructuring, this primarily involves shield or self-administration processes. These send out a positive signal where all parties tend to be more open to compromise and give each other the benefit of the doubt. This allows crucial expertise to stay within a company – the foundation for successful restructuring.

For any questions around refinancing, securities, revaluation and renegotiation, we’re the authoritative point of contact you need. And in the event of insolvency, we’re also the stabilising partner at your side who can handle the entire process for you and take care of the necessary communication with creditors and authorities. Let us help you transform crisis into opportunity.

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