Others say: Last chance
We say: Time for the right answers

Welcome to BBL, one of Germany's leading law firms for reorganisation, recovery and insolvency.

BBL, Facts.


With our 50 lawyers - many of whom specialise in insolvency and restructuring law - we are ideally positioned to help your company meet the challenges it faces.


We combine many years of insolvency and property administration experience with in-depth knowledge of the diverse legal options that are mandated with regard to reorganisation and restructuring.


We are present in more than 20 locations across Germany - as well as having operations in London - and are always available for you locally.


Many of our lawyers are active in important professional bodies and associations and often disseminate their sought-after knowledge via publications and lectures.


Our references are impressive and stretch across a range of sectors in the economy and a variety of business types: from traditional outfits to start-ups and from the very large to the very small.


We are regularly recognised by leading industry publications as one of the top commercial law firms operating in the field of recovery and restructuring.


BBL, Locations.

Active nationwide and internationally connected.

BBL, References.


BBL, Awards.

Competence, expertise and quality are keys to success. These important features are also reflected in the professional rankings of our industry, where we perform very well on a regular basis.