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  • Hamburg 2024

KAMEI GmbH und Co. KG: BBL finds buyer for transferred restructuring

The management of KAMEI GmbH und Co. KG filed for insolvency in August 2023 and the Wolfsburg local court with the relevant jurisdiction appointed Justus von Buchwaldt as the company’s provisional insolvency administrator. He and his colleague Nikolas Otto, lawyer, ran the company’s operations to their full extent following the commencement of insolvency in December 2023. They were able to agree an annual production order with the most important client, Volkswagen. He commissioned an M&A consulting firm who contacted over 40 strategic investors and over 50 financial investors.

As part of a transferred restructuring in April 2024, Uebler GmbH, a company based in Forchheim, took over the long-established roof box manufacturer KAMEI GmbH und Co. KG in Wolfsburg after presenting the best offer. The KAMEI brand was preserved, as were the existing jobs at the long-established company.

The third-generation family business from Wolfsburg was founded in 1952 by Karl Meier, a former interior design engineer at VW AG. In 1955 the company founder introduced the first “wobble-free protective case with luggage carrier” onto the market, thus creating the predecessor of the modern roof box. The solid boxes later made by KAMEI won many awards and the brand enjoys the renown this brings. With 42 employees, the company achieved around six million euros in revenue in 2022, the biggest customer being the Volkswagen Group.

Uebler, a company employing some 80 people, has produced high-quality car accessories, particularly modern bicycle carrier systems, for over 50 years. Customers include numerous retailers and wholesalers in markets for car accessories and bicycles as well as well-known car manufacturers.