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  • 2015

LFD Holding: Dr Christian Graf Brockdorff oversees sales of LFD Holding

The successful sale of LFD Holding, based in Rossdorf near Genthin (Saxony-Anhalt), was completed successfully in March 2020. The largest swine breeding operation in Germany, with almost 55,000 sows, was acquired from Alpnach Dorf (Switzerland) by Terra Grundwerte AG, which took over both the premises and almost 400 employees. No information regarding the purchase price was provided.

The company was built up by Adrianus Straathof in the early 2000s but as the Straathof holding company repeatedly violated building permit and animal welfare regulations in the 2010s, it was banned from looking after pigs. In 2015, Straathof relinquished his role as managing director, and a few months later also gave up the right to dispose of his assets as he saw fit. BBL partner, Christian Graf Brockdorff, took charge of the assets as trustee. The company has around 55,000 sows, around 250,000 piglets and around 15,000 fattening areas. The group also runs ten biogas plants with an output of 7 megawatts. The Lindhorst Group from Winsen an der Aller (Lower Saxony) and the management consultancy Centuros, based in Potsdam and Hamburg, provided support and advice to all parties involved in the purchasing process.