• Manufacturing (Tools)

  • Potsdam 2022

HZD – Druckguss Havelland GmbH: Insolvency procedure annulled, new owner plans to expand production

In the Lehmann corporate group, the BBL partner, Christian Graf Brockdorff, was able to find a new owner for HZD – Druckguss Havelland GmbH during a structured process conducted to attract investors. The plan is not to merely retain the Premnitz production site near Brandenburg/Havel, but to expand it, too. The company was established in 2020 as a hive-off vehicle for HZD Havelländische Zink-Druckguss GmbH & Co. KG, which was experiencing economic difficulties. Due to the start-up costs being higher than initially expected and faced with a financing shortfall, HZD – Druckguss Havelland GmbH was forced to file for insolvency in January 2022. Once legal approval was given to the insolvency plan devised by BBL, the District Court with jurisdiction annulled the insolvency proceedings in November 2022. The restructuring measures were then implemented step-by-step, and the claims of the company’s creditors were proportionally settled using the budgeted amount provided by the new ownership.

HZD – Druckguss Havelland GmbH specialises in producing and processing non-ferrous and lightweight metals, especially zinc. Its customers are primarily found in the hardware fittings sector, the furniture industry, drive technology, electrical engineering, and mechanical engineering. The Minden-based Lehmann corporate group now owns HZD – Druckguss Havelland GmbH. It is regarded as one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of mechanical and electronic locking systems for the furniture industry, and it has a staff of approximately 400 people (including HZD). The insolvency administrator, Christian Graf Brockdorff, had already initiated the investor identification process as part of the provisional administration process, and the M&A consultancy, Centuros, lent additional assistance to it.