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  • 2019

Dolzer Masskonfektionaere GmbH: Dr Graf Brockdorff’s insolvency plans reduce Dolzer Masskonfektionaere debt

On December 1, 2019, the relevant district court in Nuremberg opened insolvency proceedings against the Dolzer group of companies, which includes the asset Dolzer Masskonfektionaere GmbH; it has continued to operate under self-administration since that date. Regular insolvency was opened for each of the 18 subsidiary branches – all independently organized – with BBL partner Christian Graf Brockdorff appointed as the insolvency administrator.

According to a March 20, 2020 decision, insolvency proceedings against Dolzer Masskonfektionaere GmbH’s assets were lifted. This action marked the conclusion of a successfully implemented insolvency plan aimed at reducing the company’s debt; the relevant votes were successfully collected by Dr Brockdorff. The step that followed saw an attempt to resurrect the original 18 branches, with a follow-up solution actually being found for 17 of them. The jobs of the approx. 70 employees at Dolzer Masskonfektionaere GmbH were secured thanks to the successful implementation of the planned project.