• Restructuring

  • Manufacturing (Tools)

  • Dortmund 2022

Busch GmbH: Successful M&A deal with Frielinghaus GmbH; all staff retained

Headquartered in Gevelsberg near Wuppertal, in October 2022 Busch GmbH filed for the opening of insolvency proceedings. The District Court of Hagen appointed BBL’s Marvin Bauernfeind as provisional insolvency administrator, and having successfully stabilised the business operations he initiated an M&A process for a restructuring by transfer arrangement. novaerion GmbH was commissioned with identifying suitable investors. Despite the generally challenging economic situation within the sector, evident not least by the volatility in orders, heavy pressure on prices and margins, as well as the high inflation rate, during the course of the M&A process a new owner was identified in Frielinghaus GmbH, a company based in Ennepetal, which is planning to continue the strategic development of the business.

Busch GmbH is a long-standing manufacturer of punched, forming and bending components for the automotive and agricultural industries. By assuming these business operations, Frielinghaus GmbH, a leading supplier to the agricultural machinery industry, not only successfully secured the existence of the operating site and all the jobs at Busch GmbH, but it also acquired all the available know-how while expanding its own production capacities. One important factor in the successful acquisition was the pre-existing business relationship between the two companies.