M&A process for Medivita GmbH initiated

16. Januar 2018

Hanover, 16 January 2018. The insolvency administrator of Medivita GmbH, Justus von Buchwaldt, has initiated a sale process for the Hanoverian nursing service provider. This is accompanied by Centuro’s M&A advice from Potsdam.

Business operations will continue unrestrictedly as part of the insolvency proceedings. Medivita GmbH, founded in 2006, serves a niche market in the Hanover region. The 29 qualified nursing staff speak Russian and German and have a predominantly Russian-speaking customer base of about 60 patients. They are cared for and provided with medical treatment in their home environment.

On 29 December 2017, the Hanover District Court opened insolvency proceedings over the assets of the company and confirmed Justus von Buchwaldt as insolvency administrator. Medivita had not been able to pay any additional tax claims and, against this backdrop, had filed for the opening of insolvency proceedings on 17 October 2017.

„We are looking for a buyer who will continue to operate the business in the long term and maintain jobs,“ emphasizes Justus von Buchwaldt. There is no shortage of interested parties, because the demand for home care services is constantly increasing and Medivita has highly qualified staff.

The transaction is expected to close during February.

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