BBL: new start for Volkssolidaritaet Havelland e.V. Nauen/Company to restructure under self-administration with insolvency plan

16. November 2018

Falkensee, 16 November 2018: The Volkssolidaritaet Havelland e.V. Nauen is being restructured under self-administration with an insolvency plan, with the objective to economically restructure outpatient care. The 52 employees and all affiliated local associations were personally informed about this. The mandated self-administration facilitates the restructuring of the company. The management remains, and is supported by the insolvency specialists Olaf Schubert and Dr. Christian Matiebel.

The Potsdam Local Court appointed the Potsdam based lawyer Christian Graf Brockdorff (BBL Bernsau Brockdorff Insolvenz- und Zwangsverwalter GbR), who specialises in insolvency and restructuring law, as the supervisory preliminary administrator. The salaries of the employees are secured. The care and supervision of the patients is ensured and continues to be of high quality. „It is of utmost importance to us that our patients continue to be well cared for by our motivated team.“ says Managing Director Andrea Merda-Piehl. The restructuring is expected to be completed in the spring of 2019. „Until then, the Volkssolidaritaet will continue to provide all services in accordance with the contract,“ says Olaf Schubert, a Berlin based lawyer with experience in restructuring. The district association of Volkssolidaritaet e.V. Nauen operates welfare centres in Falkensee and Nauen and has approximately 1,330 members, who are organized in 22 local groups.

About BBL Bernsau Brockdorff
For many years BBL has been one of Germany’s leading law firms with a sole focus on restructuring, reorganization and insolvency. With approx. 200 employees and 50 lawyers, the firm is present in over 30 locations throughout Germany and also has an office in London. BBL has extensive experience with restructuring with a focus on crisis prevention and situations threatening the existence of a company. The company has vast experience with insolvency proceedings and insolvency under self-administration. The firm’s international network is extensive as a result of BBL’s diverse international projects.

Andrea Merda-Piehl
Managing Director: Volkssolidaritaet Havelland e.V. Nauen
Telefon: +49 3322 2479-0

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